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Our Venice Piccolo (Pocket) fountain pen is a a streamline pen that is made with a beautiful Turntpenco material, an orange ink window / black ring  and one Mosaic Venetian Glass (millefiori design) on the finial of the cap.


These pens use either a standard mini ink cartridge or can be eydroppered if you use silicone grease on the threads. 


FOUNTAIN pens are the writing instruments of choice for those who want to enjoy putting pen to paper. Generations of people have come to appreciate the exceptional writing experience that can only be achieved with a fountain pen.


Our fountain pens not only offer this unique writing experience, but promise to be individually unique. They begin with the highest-quality materials we can source from acrylic, to resin, to wood, to custom poured and more. Then they are handmade, not manufactured, with care and precision. From the body, to the cap, to the nib section, and all the threading in between, a talented craftsman, Jon, makes and inspects each part to ensure excellent quality. Finally the pen is treated to a process of hand buffing and polishing to give it a glasslike finish that will keep the pen looking showcase worthy even if it’s your everyday pen.

Venice Piccolo (Pocket Pen) Orange Black White Swirls

  • Pen Material


    • Purple Layered Acrylic
    • Green Ink Window / Ring
    • Venetian Glass Masaic Finials (milifiori design)


    Included with pen purchase


    • #6 Bock nib 
    • Mini Cartridge 
    • Handmade pen pouch handmade by SHEdesigns Nepal 


    Specs (All these pen are handmade and will vary slightly in measurements)

    • Length: about 4 inches
    • Diameter: about 15.5 mm at widest point


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