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Ukraine Pen Fundraiser




!!!Congratulations Pen Community!!!


We were able to raise $6,580 with this fundraiser. We had 174 people purchase entries for this raffle from 11 different countries. I want to thank each of you for your generosity in this project. Know that 100 percent of the money that we received for this was donated. As a company we covered all the costs on the back end associated with this so you can be assured your donation is making a larger impact. 

Thank you again for your support!

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Winners of raffle are listed below with the pens

All winners will be notified this evening

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Hardy Penwrights Pen Winner : David D.


Gregory Hardy is another great pen maker who has decided to donate to help raise more money for this cause. He makes beautiful pens with great metal work. 


The "Peace Pen 2022" 

Hardy Penwrights is proud to announce the release of the “Peace Pen 2022.”  After two years of difficulties around the world, the Peace Pen was designed to offer hope and peace to pen lovers in 2022.  Inspired by Bob Marley’s song, “Three Little Birds,” the pen features a rainbow cap barrel and themed medallion – both signs of peace – and numbered body medallion for this special edition limited to fifty pens.  The pen is completed in a soft satin finish and Jowo #6 nib and converter.  The Peace Pen will serve to encourage a year of hope for the entire fountain pen community.

“Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing…’cause every little thing, is gonna be all right.”  -Bob Marley

If you have not checked out his work you definitely need through the link below!

Special thanks to Kirk Speer from Pen Realm


Kirk Spear has donated a custom grind to each pen winner in this raffle. He is a great nib grinder that travels to different pen shows and provides custom grinds. If you have never experienced this work you are in for a treat. Look for him at the pen shows but you can also send him your nib to work on as well.Check out his website of you haven't where he also sells a variety of pens and other accessories for your pen needs. 

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Special thanks to Tesori


Tesori donated a handmade pen pouch for each of the winners and also allowed us to use their Instagram Page to promote this raffle. Thank you for your support! 

Hellotello Studio Pen Winner : Elona B.

Specs for the pen are as follows:



Pearl Blue

Semplicita Yellow

Transparent Yellow

Venetian Glass (29 pieces)



Bock #6 Rose Gold Nib 


Length capped: 6 inches

Diameter (at widest part of pen): 15.5mm 

Pen Pouch: Handmade Pen Pouch donated by Tesoritaly

This pen boasts the national colors of Ukraine with beautiful blue hues and a brilliant yellow throughout the body and cap. Then I added something at each end that we’ve never done before. I created two unique glass mosaics on the top cap and the bottom of the body. Ukraine’s national flower is the sunflower that has become a representation of solidarity for the country and all they are going through. I carefully selected Venetian glass pieces with a designs like a sunflower and arranged them to create a larger sunflower mosaic. It is painstaking work since the pieces are so small (each pieces of glass ranges between 2-2.5mm in diameter) and need to be patiently glued into place, but the result is incredibly beautiful. There are a total of 29 pieces of Venetian glass inlaid on the pen top and bottom. I am pleased to dedicate this pen to the people of Ukraine and to stand with them by giving all proceeds to aid refugees who have fled the home they loved. In this time of war and grief, may this pen be a symbol of hope and reminder to pray for peace.

River City Pen Company Winner : Diane F.


Rich from River City Pen Company has very generously donated this Blue and Yellow Morningside Model fitted with a Jowo nib. He makes some beautiful pens that are worth checking out. If you have not check out his website below! 


Hooligan Georgian Pen Winner : Doan S.


Tim Cullen is known for making fully custom pens. He makes everything except the Nib and Converter. His metal work is exceptional from his clips but also his and engraving elements he adds to the metal components. He is going to be donating a one of a kind pen the will incorporate different artistic skills of his. (Pen will be completed some time after the raffle ends. Time frame TBD) Below are pictures of this beautiful pen being made. Thanks Tim for your donation! 

Check out his instagram page for more info on his work

WriteTurnz Pen Winner : Ann M.


Jason from Write Turnz makes beautiful handmade writing instruments. He specializes in choosing material that tell a story. He has done some very unique materials from unique woods, reclaimed, salvaged or even historical materials. He also wants to contribute to this raffle. He is donating one of his new “Hang-10” pens made from Surfite. Thanks Jason for your generosity. 

Check out his website to see more of his work or to purchase one of his pens