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I am an artist and as such God has given me a unique way to see and experience the world. I notice texture, color, composition, and layout. I appreciate the beauty that comes from putting all those things together and enjoy creating using a variety of mediums. I am inspired by everything I encounter in life when I look at it through the lens of my faith and I hope all those who experience the art I create are better for it. I enjoy using various mediums when I create a reflection of the world


I have loved creating for as long as I can remember. I was born in Mexico and came to the USA when I was young. Growing up I took every opportunity to do art of various kinds and develop my skills. I lived in Brazil during my last year of high school where I was able to study art under the tutelage of a local artist. While I didn’t pursue art as a career, I continued practicing it whenever I could. 


One way that I loved practicing art was while traveling to different parts of the world. Wherever I went I would look for ways to honor and serve the local community. It was always a joy to interact with the people there as they experienced the art. 


My family and I moved to Italy to help begin an international art training program. We lived in Italy for almost 10 years where I mentored artists and served the local church and community through the arts. We were also engaged in anti-human trafficking efforts.


Over the years I developed skills in a multitude of artistic mediums including painting, drawing, photography and graphic design. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I found my niche. In 2015, I discovered the functional artform of hand crafting pens. Since then I have been developing my skills and experimenting with how to incorporate my fine art with the craft of pen making. A handcrafted pen is a piece of art that you get to carry around with you all day long and I love creating them.


While in Italy, I realized I could use my pen making to have a real impact in the lives of others. It began as an effort to help raise funds for a worthy cause to fight human trafficking in Italy. Then it became a way to help a survivor of trafficking to begin her own small business. Now it has grown into a pen company that is passionate about giving back. 


TESORI exists to make beautiful writing instruments that can last for a lifetime while being a catalyst for transforming lives. I love making pens and am uniquely gifted at, but I also love creating opportunities for broken lives to be restored. While the primary aim at Tesori is to craft quality pens, the greater vision is to underwrite efforts that assist survivors of sexual exploitation to rebuild their lives and thrive. What better reason to create handmade pens that will be treasured for a lifetime than to empower lives to be transformed.


In 2021 our family moved from Italy back to the USA. Even though Tesori is Italian based, Jon is still involved in every aspect through management of the business, donating his time, dedicating his skills, and utilizing resources to have a growing impact  for the vulnerable in Italy. 


HelloTello is my personal brand and while I devote much of my time to Tesori, I am excited to explore some new things and create new products for the pen community through Hello Tello. Thank you so much for your support over the years. I am excited for this new chapter! 


Jon Tello 
Artist / Owner of hellotello studio LLC

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