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Ukraine Pen Fundraiser

The winner of this raffle will receive the pen pictured below.  Raffle entries are $5 each. The last day to buy an entry is April 19th and the winner will be announced on April 20th.

Specs for the pen are as follows:



Pearl Blue

Semplicita Yellow

Transparent Yellow

Venetian Glass (29 pieces)



Bock #6 Rose Gold Nib 

Custom grind work donated by Kirk Speer from Pen Realm (thanks Kirk!!!) 


Length capped: 6 inches

Diameter (at widest part of pen): 15.5mm 

Pen Pouch: Handmade Pen Pouch donated by Tesoritaly

This pen boasts the national colors of Ukraine with beautiful blue hues and a brilliant yellow throughout the body and cap. Then I added something at each end that we’ve never done before. I created two unique glass mosaics on the top cap and the bottom of the body. Ukraine’s national flower is the sunflower that has become a representation of solidarity for the country and all they are going through. I carefully selected Venetian glass pieces with a designs like a sunflower and arranged them to create a larger sunflower mosaic. It is painstaking work since the pieces are so small (each pieces of glass ranges between 2-2.5mm in diameter) and need to be patiently glued into place, but the result is incredibly beautiful. There are a total of 29 pieces of Venetian glass inlaid on the pen top and bottom. I am pleased to dedicate this pen to the people of Ukraine and to stand with them by giving all proceeds to aid refugees who have fled the home they loved. In this time of war and grief, may this pen be a symbol of hope and reminder to pray for peace.

I work for a Christian Non-Profit (TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance Mission) that has workers across the globe. Some of our colleagues are serving in a country bordering Ukraine where they are doing all they can to help with the resettlement of refugees who have fled Ukraine. They are there to care for refugees who have just crossed the border at a facility that has been transformed into a refugee center and involved in preparing other short term housing for them. The money raised through this raffle raises will help provide those refugees with transportation, lodging/accommodations, and provision for their basic needs such as food, clothing, and medical/hygiene supplies. Not only will they provide for their physical needs but they are loving people who will care for their hearts as well.


Use the button below to purchase an entry for the raffle. Each entry is $5 and there is no limit to the amount of entries you can purchase. Each entry increases your chances of winning the pen and all the funds will go directly to help Ukranian refugees. Additionally, each person who purchases an entry can also choose to receive a complimentary “Pray for Ukraine” sticker that I designed which will be mailed to you. The winner will be announced on April 20th. Thanks so much for your support. Together we can make a difference in this broken world! 


All funds from the raffle will be donated to the (TEAM) Ukrainian Refugee Relief Fund. You can also use the link provided to give a donation directly to this fund.

Entrants receive the sticker pictured below.


Click below to donate directly to the (TEAM) Ukranian Refugee Relief Fund.

Use promo code ukraine at checkout for NO SHIPPING COSTS for the raffle entry!

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Some people have made us aware that our system is not allowing them to purchase an entry because of where they live. To try and help with this you can also send money for your entry straight through PayPal using the button below (Must have a paypal account for this option). Every $5 gets you an entry into the raffle. Thanks again for your support and your patience! 

Or you can use the QR code below


These are some pictures of the workers and supplies that they are buying for the refugees from Ukraine. Some of these people are personal friends and co-workers. These are some of the people that will be using the money we raise to help the refugees directly.

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